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How to configure Alexa for Thinka Z-Wave

First go to "Settings" page then go to "Alexa" tab. Click the enable button below and wait until the indicator above goes green and says "enabled". Now Thinka has setup a connection to Amazon via the secured Thinka cloud you can click the "pair" button and copy the generated token. Next find the Thinka skill on the Alexa site. We advise to use the web page instead of the app. That way you can easily paste the pairing token that your Thinka generated. When this is done you can add your Thinka devices via "DISCOVER DEVICES". Here are the images and descriptions that it can help you;

First enable Alexa

Then click "Pair" button.

Now you have pairing token. Use this token to enable the Thinka for KNX Smart Home Skill in your Alexa App. After that your device(s) will be seen on Amazon Alexa.

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In case something is not clear or not working according to your expectation you can contact us, and we will provide instant feedback. We can be reached by email at, or by phone at +31-20-2420666