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Z-Wave explained

Unlimited choice of high quality wireless smart products

With over 100 million products sold worldwide in the past 20 years, Z-Wave is the world market leader in wireless smart home technology.

700+ brands offer over 3000 Z-Wave enabled smart home products.
So there is literally plenty of choice in every category of home automation.
Dimmers, switches, climate control, thermostats, AC, blinds, loads of sensors and energy monitoring - to name just a few!

When starting to build your home based upon this solid performer, you need a Z-Wave controller, as the center of your smart home network.  

Why you want to choose for Z-Wave as the foundation of your wireless smart home

Z-Wave Plus - 700 series

Thinka Z-Wave runs on the latest Z-Wave standard: Z-Wave Plus 700 series.

The latest Z-Wave Plus 700 series features a number of important improvements, which make us love Z-Wave even more and which are going to make your installation and maintenance a walk in the park.

Compared to the Z-Wave Plus 500 series the following improvements have been made:

  • power consumption has decreased further with 60% offering battery powered sensors and other devices a battery life up to 10 years;
  • The reach has improved from 100 up to 400 meters between devices without obstacles;
  • Smart Start (new): connecting your devices by scanning a QR code;
  • Provisioning (new) connecting your devices to the controller with Smart Start before installing them.

Provisioning - a blessing for installers and home-owners alike

Provisioning means you can connect your devices to the Z-Wave controller before installing them.

Installing, setting up and maintenance of recessed sockets and sensors hanging on the wall or ceiling become far more convenient and easy routines.  No need to get on that ladder again, when you want to connect your devices to the Z-Wave controller or make changes.