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Certified for Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo and Google Home

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One app. Multiple devices.

With Thinka connected to your KNX installation, you can control your smart home with your iPhone or Smartwatch remotely whether it be from the couch, from another room or even while out of the house.

Mount your iPad in your kitchen or living room as a central control point or share the same app amongst your family so they can access and control your home via the same interface.

No need for a proprietary user interface or a multitude of different apps, just use what you already have.

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The brain for smart homes.

Thinka for KNX is effectively the brain of your smart home. It controls all your KNX devices  safely & securely and allows KNX technology to be controlled via Apple Homekit & Siri, and other market leading Home Assistants.

Thinka for KNX was launched in 2016 and was the first KNX- bridge for Apple Homekit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. It is officially certified by Apple, Google, Amazon and CE.

Visual showing a Thinka connecting to different devices such as Philips Hue, Somfy and Eve.

Voice Control
with the best home assistants.

Adding Voice Control to your smart home may seem like a gimmick, until you use it. You will soon realise that Voice Control is the ultimate convenience, especially for those times when you can’t find the remote or you simply have your hands full.

Control can also be a huge help for people with disabilities and the elderly.

Whether you’re a Siri, Alexa or Google Home user, adding voice to your KNX home starts with Thinka.

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Secure and Energy saving.

With Apple HomeKit and Thinka you can create scenes. If a scene is based on your location, it is called geofencing.

Save energy by automatically adjusting the thermostat, turn off the lights or close the blinds when you leave the house. Or automatically lock the door and set the alarm.

Visual about using geofence to run Apple HomeKit scenes

And so much more.

Home automation doesn’t have to be complicated, it simply requires that all products “speak” a common language.

Whether you want to control lights, blinds, security cameras, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, audio, video, or smart energy meters, through this common language products can be smartly programmed and centrally controlled via your smartphone, tablet or home assistant.

KNX has been a globally recognised standard for the past 30 years and market leader for home and building automation. With over 10,000 smart products from close to 500 brands the product range is vast.

Using Thinka to bridge your KNX home to Apple Homekit extends the range even further, enabling HomeKit certified products such as Philips Hue.

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