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How do I replace a broken Z-Wave device

You can use `replace failed node` feature on Thinka when your Z-Wave device is broken. You can continue using your new device on Apple Home without doing anything after replacing. Here are the steps to replace broken device.

The device seems unresponsive

Click the 'Replace failed device' button.

Click the `Start` button to be able to start inclusion process again

Now turn the new device into inclusion mode

After a while the device was replaced successfully. Now you can set the name and the room again if necessary

As you see the warning has been gone and the device can be controlled successfully

You see that before and after replacing node. In the first picture the device seems unresponsive because it is broken. And also scene included that device is not working anymore. In the second photo we replace the device with the new one and the unresponsive device seems ok and working properly, both device and the scene.

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