Why choose Thinka for your customers

Ultimate Convenience

As a KNX professional you want to offer your customer ultimate convenience. The developments around Apple HomeKit and Home Assistants, give your customer the possibility to control all their devices in one App, via Voice Control, or remote.
Control over all smart home devices via one App
Intuitive and super easy user interface via Apple Home
Scene-setting; hassle free and fun
Enabling remote control, geofencing, family sharing and voice control
No need for proprietary visualisation

No data in the Cloud

Thinka is installed inside the KNX enabled home and only communicates to the Internet for software updates. In this way all data about your installation or use stays inside your house.
Thinka technology provides advanced security with Apple Homekit via end-to-end encryption and authentication between your Thinka and your iPhone or iPad.

Visual about not storing data in the cloud
Thinka is the only KNX bridge that does not store data in the cloud. Working with Thinka and Apple HomeKit means that the data is yours, and yours alone.

Powerful On-board Computer for Life

A KNX system is built for life, and so is Thinka. From the moment we launched Thinka in 2016, we have been continuously updating Thinka and adding new supported products and will continue to do so.

We have equipped Thinka with a robust and strong processor to allow all configuration to be done on site, without the need for cloud based computing power. Thinka gracefully manages the KNX smart home, now and into the future.

Visual of the strong Thinka computing power

Smart Support

Configuration is completed in a few simple steps through our Smart Wizard. Upload your ETS file and Thinka is automatically configured. Use Thinka Setup App to pair HomeKit with Thinka.

We offer Video Tutorials,  for you as well as for homeowners.With Thinka, your customer can personalise their smart home themselves without any hassle.

Visual showing the KNX ETX import wizzard

Become a Thinka Authorised Reseller

Join our worldwide network of close to 500 resellers in 80 countries.

We offer our resellers a number of benefits including reseller pricing program, priority delivery, direct support, marketing collateral and communication of your company name in the Find a System Integrator page. Enthusiastic? Register via our registration form

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