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Smart hub for life

As KNX Partner, you need to be sure the products you place in your KNX Projects are durable, high quality and maintenance free. A KNX system is built for life, and so is Thinka.

From our start in 2016, we continuously update Thinka, adding new Home Assistant functionalities. With our powerful processor, Thinka does not depend on cloud based computing power. Thinka securely manages the KNX system, now and into the future.

As our KNX Partner, we offer you;

  • A KNX bridge equipped with a powerful computer
  • A KNX IP Gateway
  • Continuous updates to support new functionalities from HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa
  • Easy Installation and Remote Configuration
  • Remote Maintenance of Thinka and your KNX system
  • Thinka Staff Support
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Join our worldwide network of over to 600 installers and resellers in 80 countries.
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Thinka KNX testimonials

A kick ass product that changed our way of living in Sweden. Works flawlessly!

Per Schjelderup

Configuration and quality of the machine are very best!

Bogdan Sora

It's working great in my home and KNX setup!


Simple working. Great Product.

Raimundas Skurdenis

Great product, very clear interface!

Jeroen van Harten
The Netherlands

Easy Installation and Configuration

Configure Thinka through our Smart Wizard. Upload your ETS file and Thinka is automatically configured.

Thinka reads your existing configuration by reading your ETS. Thinka derives the type of accessory, its group addresses and corresponding rooms. Via the web client you can easily check and adapt group addresses or naming when needed.

Use the Thinka Setup App (IOS/Android) to pair HomeKit, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa with Thinka.

Smart support for KNX Partners and Homeowners

At Thinka we do our utmost to ensure easy installation and configuration. We take pride in the fact that our KNX Partners judge our KNX bridges to be very stable and hassle free. 

Installation and Configuration support
Our video tutorials support both KNX Partners and Home Owners every step of the way. We offer straight forward video’s that explain how to import your ETS file, how to set up various KNX devices, how to pair with HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. 

Smart Support 
When you need to make adaptations to Thinka or the KNX system of your customer, or in the unlikely event of a certain system outing, Thinka offers 2 levels of remote support, without the need for any network: 

1. Secure Remote Access 
We offer you as KNX Partner the possibility to service and maintain your customers Thinka and KNX system remotely. With the consent of your customer, you can access Thinka or even the KNX system itself (with Thinka KNX PRO). Secure Remote Access offers you the possibility to do configuration, import ETS projects, and add, remove and configure KNX products, services and group addresses. You are able to create and restore backups of your Thinka KNX bridge, and restart Thinka. 

2. Thinka Staff support
As the ultimate backup for you as KNX Partner, you can give Thinka support staff access to Thinka KNX Bridge. Only qualified Thinka support personnel can access the log files of the Thinka KNX Bridge. They can diagnose and resolve problems for you. 

With Secure Remote Access inconvenient home visits are a thing of the past. Easier for your customer, and easier for you too – a win-win.

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Join our worldwide network of close to 600 installers and resellers in 80 countries.

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