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How do I configure my Venetian blinds in Thinka?

When you have a Z-Wave device such as the Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 you can configure this device to control Venetian blinds. First of all consult the manual for this device. Most of the times it means, that you configure the device to "Venetian Blinds", then calibrate it (so that it knows what is completely open and completely closed).

After that there are settings for the timing of the angle (also called slat position) of the blinds. Typically it is something close to 1.5 seconds. When you are done with the configuration of the device, you will find that the device presents 2 instances.

The first instance (here called Blinds) controls the height (UP/DOWN, percentage, up, stop, down).

When your device is not calibrated you can choose to ignore Up/Down and level by deselecting the checkbox above.

The second instance can be found via 'More instances' and is named "Slat position":

There are now two options:

  • Select the "This controls the slat position of the Venetian blinds on instance 1" option. This will create a slider in HomeKit to control the slat postion from an angle of -90 to +90 degrees. It looks like below in the Home app
  • Do not select the option. In this case the instance itself is presented in HomeKit and can be operated as if it were a blind.

Note that by giving the instance 2 a name (Slat position), it shows up on the devices overview screen:

Thinka for Z-Wave home screen

When you do not give the instance 2 a name, it will be hidden from the Overview.

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