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Adaptive Lighting

First introduced as part of iOS 14 software updates in September 2020 Adaptive Lighting sets a new standard for convenient and comfortable lighting.

Wake up with soft yellow tones, work productively with bright cool white and pour yourself a glass of wine surrounded by warm yellow lighting at sun set, all automatically done. Really Smart!

What is Adaptive Lighting?

Adaptive Lighting automatically adjusts the color temperature of your lights throughout the day, based on the time of day, year, your home environment and your circadian rhythm.

What Hardware do you need?

Thinka is the first KNX bridge to support Adaptive Lighting. So far Philips Hue and Eve Light Strip were the first two that support HomeKit Adaptive Lighting. Light sources need to be Tunable White Lights or Colour Lights, as for these lights colour temperature can be adjusted.

You also need a Home Hub from Apple, like Apple TV, HomePod or iPad, as the Adaptive Lighting automation -the continuous communication between time of day and colour temperature- runs on this Home Hub.

Adaptive Lighting for KNX

With Thinka HomeKit for KNX, you can make use of Adaptive Lighting within your KNX system. For instance when you use DALI Tunable White light sources.

Thinka supports Adaptive Lighting via our BETA channel. Go to your Thinka's web interface and go to the support page in the menu. You can switch your Thinka from stable to beta. FW4.3.1300

Enable Adaptive Lighting

So you have a KNX system, with DALI Tunable White/Colour Light Sources, and you have a Thinka HomeKit for KNX and Home Hub from Apple set up, Installing Adaptive Lighting is a piece of cake, just open the “Home” app on your iPhone or iPad.

The banner ‘Adaptive Lighting Now Available’ shows up. Enable it .

Select your light sources. When a light source supports Adaptive Lighting, you will see a special 'Adaptive Lighting' control in the first place in the color presets, this is the control with the logo of a sun.

To turn on Adaptive Lighting for this light, just tap that control.

That’s it—the light is now in Adaptive Lighting mode.

You can change it to another color whenever you want, note that it will stay in that color until you put it back in Adaptive Lighting mode.