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Can I use Excel to import my devices and group addresses?

Yes, we do support Excel. You can export and import a Thinka configuration to and from Excel.

Exporting is easy, just go the the web interface of Thinka, select "Backup and restore" from the menu and click on "Export to Excel". You will see that a file is downloaded to your browser.

The file is a CSV file that can be opened by Excel.

Importing is a little more work, you will need to create an Excel file with 11 columns.

  1. The name of the Room your device is in
  2. A unique name or number for your device (accessory)
  3. The name of the service of this device (devices can have multiple services). This is the name that appears in HomeKit.
  4. The type of this service (such as Switch, LightBulb, Thermostat)
  5. A field indicating the row is for a group address (characteristic) or a parameter. If you specify p, P, Parameter or parameter it will be that, otherwise it's a characteristic
  6. The name of the characteristic or parameter (look at the web interface -> Configuration -> Add Accessory to find the options)
  7. The listen (read) address of the characteristic or value of the parameter, if needed
  8. The set (write) address of the characteristic, if needed
  9. (optional) The manufacturer of the device. Just the first mention of the device
  10. (optional) The model of the device. Just the first mention of the device
  11. (optional) The serial number of the device. Just the first mention of the device

Wnen you're finished save the Excel file, export it to CSV and then click on "Import CSV"

Download a sample file here.

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