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What is Alexa?

Amazon Smart Home explained

Amazon's standard for Home automation

Alexa is Amazon's cloud based service for voice control. You can use it with all kinds of speakers, the most well-known being Amazon's own Echo.

But you can you use your phone too. And there are third party appliances from vendors such as Sonos, Dell, LG and Bose.
Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation
Alexa works with skills, from the Alexa app or Alexa website you can choose to add skills to your account.
There are a lot of skill categories, such as: Games & Trivia, Health & Fitness, Kids, Lifestyle, Movies & TV, Music & Audio, News, Novelty & Humour, Productivity, Shopping, Smart Home, Sports and Weather.

Of course we are interested in Smart Home skills. Thinka for KNX is such as Alexa Smart Home skill.

But Alexa is great too for asking about the weather, playing songs from Spotify or setting a timer. Put an Amazon Echo Dot in your kitchen, setting timers hands-free is so easy while cooking.
You can recognise Amazon Alexa accessories by this logo:
Amazon Alexa Enabled