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Thinka for KNX

- One App to control all your devices on all your devices.
- Access to all HomeKit functionalities.
- Extend KNX with HomeKit products.
- Built-in KNX IP Gateway (PRO)
- Secure Remote Acces (PRO)
Certified for Apple HomeKitCertified for Google AssistantCertified for Amazon Alexa

Why Thinka KNX and Apple HomeKit

One App for everything

Control your Smart Home with just one app available on all Apple devices.
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Pick your
voice assistant

We have support for Apple, Google and Amazon's voice assistants.
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Unlock the
power of HomeKit

High security, automations, adaptive-lightning, geofencing, and much more.
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Connect everything

Connect Philips Hue, Sonos or other HomeKit certified devices to your KNX smart home.

HomeKit for KNX use cases

Ultimate Luxury in your hotel room

The Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel in Greece uses Thinka and HomeKit/Siri in the Royal Suite to control the lights, thermostat, curtains and much more.
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Priceless Value of Voice Control

Seldom has home automation contributed so much to the quality of life as in the home of Bernhard Mül.
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Find a Thinka Partner

Considering to open up your KNX home to HomeKit and take full control of all your KNX home and HomeKit has to offer?

Check out the possibilities with one of our 600 installers and resellers in your country.

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