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Smart Support

Helping professionals support their customer's Thinka

Thinka makes it easy for professionals to support their customer's Thinka. Remotely and secure.
And with Thinka PRO the underlying KNX network as well.

Thinka offers various means of support:

Installer Support

Home owners can grant remote access to Thinka's web interface by inviting professionals.

This is called Installer Support.

Without the need to open any ports or change any firewall rules, the Thinka itself initiates the remote access to the web interface. The home owner can share a secure link with which the installer gets browser based access to the Thinka.
This way you can:
  • check the status of Thinka
  • configure Thinka
  • add, edit or remove rooms
  • add, edit or remove accessories
  • check and update group addresses
  • upload ETS project files
  • update or restart Thinka
  • switch Thinka to and from the beta channel
  • create and restore backups
  • assist your customer to pair with HomeKit
  • enable Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Olisto

A home owner or installer can decide to revoke this remote access at any time. After 14 days the access will be revoked automatically,

Visual about not storing data in the cloud
With Thinka there is no need to change your customer's network. All you need is an invitation from your customer.

VPN Access - PRO only

Thinka Pro offers remote access to the KNX network for professionals. This way you can manage your customers' KNX network securely from any location. The Thinka PRO has a built-in IP Gateway that can be used to access and manage the underlying KNX network. With ETS of course, but the IP Gateway can also be used for other purposes. However we strongly advise against opening this IP Gateway to the Internet.

For remote access to this Thinka IP Gateway, we offer VPN access. The Thinka PRO runs a VPN Server that offers secure communication without the need to open up your customers' firewall.

Thinka Staff support

In rare cases where you need expert support by Thinka support staff, remote access can also be granted to Thinka support personnel to assist in troubleshooting, if necessary.

Become a Thinka Authorised Reseller

Join our worldwide network of close to 500 resellers in 80 countries.

We offer our resellers a number of benefits including reseller pricing program, priority delivery, direct support, marketing collateral and communication of your company name in the Find a System Integrator page. Enthusiastic? Register via our registration form

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