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How do I allow Thinka support remote access to my Thinka for Z-Wave?

Click settings icon on the right hand side of the web page. Go to 'RemoteAccess' tab. Then click the button named "Start Remote Support Access". Use "Share with Thinka support" to e-mail it to a Thinka support agent.

You can also use the Thinka Setup App to allow remote access which is available from the Appstore. Start the app, select your Thinka and then click on 'Remote Access'.

After enabling access you'll see a number that you can send to Thinka support by clicking on 'Share with support'.Thinka support agents can now access your Thinka, until you disable access to it. No one else (even if they would have the number) but Thinka authorised personnel can access your Thinka.

Here are the some images with regards to remote access

Click settings icon and go to 'RemoteAccess' tab

Click the 'Start Remote Support Access' button to allow Thinka support remote access.

A 'magic number' will appear. You can share this number by the help of 'Share with Thinka support' button.

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