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Thinka KNX PRO

KNX IP Gateway and Remote Access

Integrated KNX IP Gateway

The security of KNX systems is unparalleled.
KNX is the choice for professional smart buildings and smart home automation.

Don’t compromise this security with a dodgy ‘backdoor access’ via an ill-installed IP gateway. Instead, use the Thinka KNX PRO Bridge, which combines the intrinsic security of the Thinka KNX Bridge with a secured and integrated KNX IP gateway.

Save money | Gain Security

KNX IP Gateway image

Secure Remote Access

With the KNX IP gateway installed, and only with the express consent of your customer, can you access the KNX system itself via ETS.

Thinka KNX PRO provides a secure connection via VPN over internet from the Thinka device to the Thinka server. Upon giving consent, your customer can give you access to his Thinka Web client. Here you can request a VPN certificate to provide for a secure connection from your local computer to the Thinka of your customer.

Forget Inconvenient home visits! With using the Secure Remote Access, you can run diagnostics and offer service on a KNX system – no matter where it is located.

Easier for your customer and for you; a win-win!

HomeKit for KNX

Upgrade your KNX home or building with the Thinka for KNX products. Thinka KNX and Thinka KNX PRO offer a 21st century user experience, connecting your KNX system to the state-of-the art visualisation and all advanced functionalities of HomeKit. Simple, Intuitive, Smart.

Adaptive Lighting now in BETA

Available with beta firmware 4.3.1300