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A Sensor Detects Something Automation

To illustrate the last automation let’s buy a motion sensor and one light for the hallway. When adding the Fibaro Motion Sensor, you see something interesting again as depicted in the image to the right. Your accessory is a motion sensor as well as a temperature and light sensor.

In HomeKit terms this is still one accessory, because it is one physical device, but it has three services. A service is something that every accessory has, but the lights so far had just one.

Sensors show up on top of the room page as you can see in the image to the left.

Very handy, and you see straight away that there is motion in the hallway and the light went on. And the temperature and light intensity as well.

While adding HomeKit also suggests to create another automation as shown below.

The Hallway room also shows a light icon on the top. It can be used to turn off or on all the lights in the room simultaneously.