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KNX Professionals trial offer

We offer you one Thinka with a discount of 30%

We want you to get to know Thinka; experience its powerful processor, easy setup and configuration, and explore its possibilities for KNX.

Thinka spans a network of close to 500 resellers in over 80 countries. We are experiencing an ever increasing demand for KNX bridges, so we have room to further expand our network.

Are you a KNX Professional and new to Thinka, familiarise yourself with Thinka today.

We offer you one Thinka for € 499,-

We also have a promotion for a 40% discount when buying two Thinka's.

Do you want to benefit from a fixed lower price? Become a Thinka Authorised Reseller!

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Thinka 30% discount visualNot available anymore

This offer is only valid till 31/12/20 and for KNX licensed partners that have not tried Thinka before.