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Thinka Product Releases
KNX IP gateway and Remote Access

Thinka continues to update her products and services based upon your feedback.

On February 25, 2021, Thinka launched Thinka Installer Support, secure remote access to the Thinka Web Client of your customer.

The next step in secure remote access was taken on April 14, 2021 with the launch of a new product in our portfolio: Thinka KNX PRO.

Thinka KNX PRO
offers all the benefits of the standard Thinka bridge, with the added advantage of being a KNX IP gateway and VPN Server. This way we offer Secure Remote Access to the KNX systems itself via ETS.

All of this is done without compromising the security of your system.

All Thinka's
Thinka Installer Support

You can now safely access the Web Client of Thinka remotely. Thinka Installer Support offers you the possibility for remote diagnostics.

Upon granting access by the customer, Thinka connects to the Thinka server and generates a magic number.
This magic number needs to be shared with you by your customer. With this number you can connect to the Thinka server and make a connection with your customer's Thinka.

Thinka Installer Support is available for all Thinka's from 25/02/21 onwards.

Thinka KNX PRO
Integrated KNX IP-gateway

The powerful Thinka KNX PRO combines the Thinka KNX bridge with a built-in KNX IP-gateway so no separate IP gateway is needed to access and configure the KNX system of your customer.

And moreover with the KNX IP Gateway installed, remote access to the KNX system via ETS comes in sight.

Thinka KNX PRO
Remote Access via ETS

With the KNX IP gateway installed, and only with the express consent of your customer, you can access the KNX system itself via ETS.

Thinka KNX PRO provides a secure connection via a built-in VPN Server. No more 'backdoor' access through an IP connection, with all potential security threats.

The security and data privacy of your customer is safe guarded by using Thinka KNX PRO.

Forget Inconvenient home visits! By using Secure Remote Access, you are able to easily run diagnostics and offer service on a KNX system – no matter where it is located. Easier for your customer, and easier for you too – a win-win.