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New features certified by Apple

Thinka KNX is Apple HomeKit Certified for 5 new features!

As of now Thinka is Apple certified for push buttons, tunable white lights, color lights, leak and smoke sensors. Again a great step forward. All HomeKit, Alexa and Google supported features can be found here.

The 5 new supported features:

  • Push buttons allow you to trigger actions in HomeKit by pressing KNX buttons.
  • Use the color lightbulb service for any light that can change color.
  • Use the tunable white lightbulb service for any non-colored light that can adjust the apparent color temperature (warm white to cool white).
  • A leak sensor is used to detect broken water pipes or other leakage. When leakage is detected quick action can be taken to limit the damage.
  • A smoke sensor is used to quickly detect and alert in case of fire or smoke.