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Thermostat app on iPhone

"Set Point Shift" for Thermostats

Thinka now supports the functionality "Set Point Shift" for thermostats with the new Thinka Software release v4.3.1179.

With "Set Point Shift" it is possible to change the temperature versus the Basic Set point temperature. This addition opens up a higher variety of KNX thermostats that are supported by Thinka KNX.

Configuration of your thermostat is one of the more complex configurations.

The first thing you need to do when configuring your thermostat is to select the type of thermostat: heating, cooling, or heating and cooling. When a thermostat is used for heating and cooling you also need to select whether switching between the heating mode or cooling mode is manual or automatic.

The next configuration option determines how to adjust the Thermostat Setpoint. Either the thermostat's basic setpoint can be adjusted directly or the setpoint can be shifted.

When shifting the setpoint you need to select whether the setpoint can be shifted by a temperature difference or by using a counter value. The counter value is multiplied by the setpoint shift steps in the KNX thermostat to determine the actual adjustment. Ensure that the step size matches the configuration in the KNX thermostat's parameters.

Next you can select the minimum and maximum target temperature. These values determine the available values in the Home App when adjusting the thermostat. They may differ from the allowed values in the thermostat.

After configuring all the parameters you can configure the group addresses used to control the KNX thermostat. You can The group addresses to configure depend on the selected parameters. Want to read more on which parameters you can show on your HomeApp? Go to FAQ - How to configure my thermostat