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the world's first HomeKit certified Z-Wave controller

Thinka launches the world's first HomeKit certified Z-Wave controller

Press Release, Amsterdam, September 7, 2021

Smart Home technology company Thinka has launched their new Z-Wave Controller Thinka Z-Wave. It is the world's first Apple HomeKit-certified Z-Wave controller and is designed to unlock the more than 3,300 smart Z-Wave products for Apple HomeKit users. By choosing Z-Wave as a protocol, Thinka brings professional home automation to the consumer world. Thinka also supports Amazon and Google Home..

Access to 3,000+ products for HomeKit users

Thinka is specially designed for homeowners who use HomeKit as their home automation platform. Many consumers start with a number of Philips Hue lamps and expand their smart home step by step. Given that Philips Hue HomeKit is also certified, many consumers use the Apple Home app on their iPhone as a first step in home automation. Because Apple only allows HomeKit certified products on their platform, HomeKit users without Thinka have a limited product offering.

By connecting Thinka Z-Wave, a whole arsenal of high-quality home automation devices becomes available. This gives users instant access to more than 3,300 smart switches, dimmers, thermostats, doorbells, sprinklers, speakers, fans, curtains and all kinds of smart sensors from 600 different brands.

Thinka, HomeKit for Z-Wave

With its new Z-wave hub, Thinka focuses on the fast-growing wireless smart home consumer market. A carefree and comfortable smart home system starts with a home automation protocol. An agreed-upon language that all devices understand, so they can work together within one network. Z-Wave™ is the worldwide market leader in wireless home automation. Unlike Wifi and Bluetooth, Z-Wave is specifically developed for home automation; the protocol has an optimal range from the basement to the attic and to the furthest corners of the garden, no interference with other networks, and is very energy-efficient so that batteries in sensors can last 10 years. The Z-wave protocol has the largest product range in the world with products that connect seamlessly with each other.

Thinka is the first controller in the world to link Z-wave products to Apple HomeKit products. This gives users access to more products, and they can use all functionalities, apps and automations such as geofencing and adaptive lighting from the HomeKit ecosystem.

“90% of all HomeKit accessories are based on WiFi or Bluetooth, which, unlike the Z-wave protocol, are not optimised for home automation. Z-Wave offers a full range of over 3,000 smart home products, so by unlocking Z-Wave for HomeKit, Thinka brings the best of two worlds together”

- Michael Franken, Founder and CEO of Thinka

Thinka design principles

Thinka focuses on making complex technology simple and making it work together seamlessly. To guarantee this, Thinka makes clear choices. Thinka uses existing state-of-the-art controls: the Apple Home App, intuitive and super easy. This allows users to control all their smart home devices from one app, available as standard on your phone. Thinka doesn't use the cloud, but has a strong built-in computer that keeps your data local, private and secure.

About Thinka

Thinka is an Amsterdam-based tech company. Starting in 2015 with the launch of their first product Thinka - HomeKit for KNX, Thinka focuses on smart home technology. Thinka provides homeowners with the tools to install and manage their smart home in an intuitive and easy way. Thinka believes that interacting with your home should be like driving a car; smart, safe and comfortable. Their goal is to build products that make life easier and more fun.