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KNX-Blogger Germany

Excited Die-hard Android user turns to Apple HomeKit

We always feel honoured with great testimonials and reviews.

It gives energy and strengthens us in our believe our design principles are the right ones. We let others do what they know best and focus on our core: building the connection between KNX and Apple HomeKit.

Damian Sulewski, a long time German KNX-expert, writes about his experiences with Thinka in his blog. And we are humbled by his experience;

"I'm excited. So excited that as a die-hard Android user, I will get an Apple TV to play with the HomeKit automations. Then geofencing and adaptive light will also work. Furthermore, I will definitely try EVE and see how it can be combined with Thinka to have energy monitoring. So look forward to more articles on the topic.

Installation is child's play and operation via the Apple Home app is quick and easy. A tip: If you tap the home button on the iPhone three times, you can activate "Guided Access". Then the home app remains switched on permanently. This means I have direct access to all the functions of my house while working, next to my keyboard.

I also like the way the makers behind Thinka approach the matter. There is no Thinka visualisation app. Apple can do that much better. There is no separate logic language to enable automation, Apple can do that better too. What is there is a bridge between KNX and Apple that is quick and easy to set up, works fast and reliable and otherwise stays in the background."