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Weinzierl Engineering GmbH KNX

Thinka is the brain to your smart home KNX system. Thinka adds visualisation and voice control with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home to Weinzierl Engineering GmbH KNX products.

Thinka works with Weinzierl Engineering GmbH

Weinzierl develops software and hardware components for building systems. The focus is on building networking based on the KNX standard. Weinzierl offers its customers comprehensive advice on system design and the full development of hardware, firmware and application software up to the certification of the product by its in-house test laboratory accredited by the KNX Association. In addition, Weinzierl is also active as a manufacturer of KNX devices - the focus is on the interface and gateway solutions which are sold under its own brand but also as OEM versions. As developer of a KNX stack that performs well in millions of devices, with the new KNX stack NGS (Next Generation Scalable) and tools such as KScript Weinzierl provides its customers with the appropriate basis for the development of their own devices. If short development times are critical then the KNX modules of Weinzierl are the best basis for product development. Tools such as the kdrive SDKs and the bus monitor Net\'n\'Node completes Weinzierls offer for the KNX development.

KNX partners offer an endless and unique range of products, be it sensors & controls for light, blinds, ventilation, heating, thermostats, camera’s, you name it. This allows you to create your own unique smart home that answers your needs perfectly. Your KNX installer can support you with creating the home you want.

You can find a reseller close to you from our reseller page.

After installation, Thinka makes sure you are in charge; to simply add or adjust settings & scenes to your liking, and control your home the way you want.

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