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A Time of Day Occurs Automation

Let’s make two “Time of Day” automations for your Espresso machine. First turn it on at 6:30 every weekday, so the machine is heated up when you get to the kitchen at 7am, but only when I am home. No need to waste energy here. 

 And let’s turn it off at 20:00. Note that you need to click on the Espresso on the last screen to flip the automation from “Turn On” to “Turn Off”.

Another automation of this type that is really interesting is based on Sunrise or Sunset. Your iPhone knows where you live and knows exactly when the sun comes up and goes down. Every single day. So you can take advantage of this and switch the lights on and off automatically.

Even more fun it is to open and close the curtains automatically at sunrise and sunset! Get some roller blinds for the windows in the living room. They are called Window Covering in HomeKit.

Visual of the strong Thinka computing power
Visual of the strong Thinka computing power