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Making a Scene in HomeKit

The more accessories you get, the more you will start to notice that you want to control them together. When you are ready for dinner, you probably want to have some light around the table and dim the lights in kitchen a bit. This is where scenes come in handy. 

Scenes are typical most useful for typical events in your household. Like ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good night’, ‘Arrive Home’, ‘Leave Home’, ‘Cinema’ or 'Dinner Time'. 

You can create a scene by clicking on the + sign on the top right and choose ‘Add Scene’. There are a few suggested scenes and you could start with ‘Good Morning’. 

The Home app cleverly suggest a few accessories. You can change the suggested state by long pressing the icon or clicking it. You can have some accessories turn on while others turn off. Or choose a percentage, color or any characteristic value.

You can add or remove accessories to the scene and test it to see whether you are happy with the workings of the scene.

Finally you can make it favourite to have it show up on the home screen.

Visual of the strong Thinka computing power
Visual of the strong Thinka computing power

Note that you can also change the icon to match your scene by clicking on the icon next to the name.

Scenes are also handy in making an automation. Instead of selecting the accessories for an automation that uses multiple accessories. You can make a scene first and have to automation use this scene. This way you have an automation that can be used manually too.


Eventually you’ll probably have a number of automations that will do the repetitive stuff like opening curtains at sunrise and turning off the lights when there is no one at home, as well as some scenes for the typical events in your household like ‘cooking’, ’dinner time’, ‘reading’, ‘romantic’, or ‘cinema’. And you will hardly be controlling individual accessories anymore.

Scenes will show up on the home screen if they are favourite. A scene will show up on a room screen if it is triggering an accessory in this room.

Note that you can activate a scene by clicking it, but also deactivate it again.

Deactivating a scene will only turn off all accessories that are turned on by the scene. It will not turn anything on.

A scene button will light up when all accessories are in the state according to the scene. To edit a scene just long press it.

Curious how we changed the background in the Home App?

Visual of the strong Thinka computing power