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Bridging KNX and Apple HomeKit

Thinka is HomeKit accessory with a special function. Thinka bridges KNX, meaning that we open up KNX to HomeKit.

  • Thinka is certified by Apple. Thinka has been installed into KNX homes since 2016.
  • You can use your iPhone, iPad, AppleWatch, Mac or AppleTV to control your KNX system.
  • Since Thinka is a HomeKit bridge, you can use other HomeKit devices to cooperate with your KNX systems. For instance you can have scenes that control your KNX devices as well as your Philips Hue, Sonos or any other HomeKit certified device.
  • You can benefit from HomeKit functionality to control your Home. You can use automations, scenes, family sharing, geofences and securely control your home away from home.
  • You can use voice control by using Siri

Thinka also supports Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Together with HomeKit if you will.