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We’re looking forward to introducing you to the world’s first (and only) Z-Wave controller certified for Apple HomeKit!

Come and meet Thinka at our headquarters in Amsterdam. RSVP before August 18, 2021

Thinka is the first officially certified HomeKit Z-Wave controller, adding over 3000 Z-Wave devices to the HomeKit ecosystem overnight.  Specifically designed for those consumers that are looking for a carefree, easy to use smart home automation set up, which is secure, private and future proof.

Thinka controls the state of your home and opens up HomeKit smart home functionality to your Z-Wave devices. Thinka allows you to take control of your home with the Home App of Apple.

Powerful and Simple.

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Meet Thinka September 2nd
at Thinka headquarters in Amsterdam

We selected 20 experts in the smart home world to be the first to see and experience and test our product. In order for you to truly experience Thinka, we’d like to invite you to bring your iPhone or android phone. During the event, we want you to experience Thinka in its entirety.  We will have you experience unboxing, installation, setting up scenes, and connecting products.

Location: Cruquiusweg 109F Amsterdam


Walk in
We will set you up and welcome you with a drink
Kick-off presentation with our founder and CEO Michael Franken
Who is Thinka?
Test and demo Thinka
We will have Thinka’s setup for you to try out & connect with. Please bring your phone! Please ask us any questions you may have.
We won’t let you leave empty-handed.
Don’t forget to grab your presskit.

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