Push buttons allow you to trigger actions in HomeKit by pressing KNX buttons.

In ETS you need to configure your KNX push button device (taster) to send an activate scene number command to a group address when pressed. You can safely use the same group address for every button, as long as the scene numbers are different.

On your Thinka configure the Push Button service to match your KNX device:
- First select the number of buttons that are present on your KNX device.
- Then configure which button actions (short, long, and/or double press) your KNX device supports. For each button and action that should be visible in the Home app select the group address and scene number that matches the KNX push button. You can skip any buttons or actions that you do not need (for example, buttons that are already used to switch on a light or control a thermostat).

- You can set "Button labels" option how you want the labels to appear on the Apple Home.

After you've saved the Thinka configuration you can open the Home app and configure each button with accessories or HomeKit scenes.

Note that if you wish to integrate activate or extend existing KNX scenes with Thinka you should use the Scene service type instead.

Note: This sensor is not available in Alexa and Google.

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