Thinka works with CasaTunes

Thinka is the brain to your smart home KNX system. Thinka adds visualisation and voice control with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home to CasaTunes KNX products.

Introducing affordable and flexible CasaTunes multi-room audio solutions for KNX, offering a full line of multi-stream music servers and multi-room audio amplifiers.

CasaTunes brings many new exciting capabilities to KNX projects, including:

▹ Music in up to 64 rooms
▹ Support for all CasaTunes and popular 3rd party audio distribution systems
▹ Access to popular Internet radio and music services
▹ Playing different, or the same music, in one or more rooms
▹ Streaming any music App from one or more iOS devices to any room or room group
▹ Control your music using KNX panels, Android and iOS Apps
▹ Storage for your own music collections
▹ Wake up and sleep to music
▹ Custom scenes to automate your music with the simple press of a button
▹ Easy setup using CasaSetup tool

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