For over 25 years, Vantage has been a leading manufacturer of home automation for residential and commercial applications. Vantage offers powerful means to integrate all facility functions into one central system that can be pre-programmed to be activated according to a schedule, sensor, a button, a touchscreen, a smartphone, ... All imaginable systems, such as heating, lighting, audio, video, alarm systems and more, are subtly integrated to form a single system, enabling the entire environment to adapt to the residents’ daily routines. The Vantage KNX InterfacePoint makes it easy to integrate KNX systems into the Vantage Infusion System. The configuration is done within the Vantage Infusion Design Center software as well as in the ETS software. The Vantage KNX InterfacePoint supports up to 250 Group Objects (DataPoints) and ten simultaneous client IP connections.


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