Introducing affordable and flexible CasaTunes multi-room audio solutions for KNX, offering a full line of multi-stream music servers and multi-room audio amplifiers.

CasaTunes brings many new exciting capabilities to KNX projects, including:

▹ Music in up to 64 rooms
▹ Support for all CasaTunes and popular 3rd party audio distribution systems
▹ Access to popular Internet radio and music services
▹ Playing different, or the same music, in one or more rooms
▹ Streaming any music App from one or more iOS devices to any room or room group
▹ Control your music using KNX panels, Android and iOS Apps
▹ Storage for your own music collections
▹ Wake up and sleep to music
▹ Custom scenes to automate your music with the simple press of a button
▹ Easy setup using CasaSetup tool

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