Savesor KNX

Thinka is the brain to your smart home KNX system. Thinka adds visualisation and voice control with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home to Savesor KNX products.

Thinka works with Savesor

Savesor is specialized in hotel automation solutions for both the retrofit and new-build markets. Using state of the art technologies to increase the energy efficiency of hotel rooms as well as the productivity of hotel staff by streamlining operating processes. Our products have been developed for the hotel industry, enabling a hotelier to retrofit a room with Savesor products in between check out and check-in times. Thus having no impact on revenue during installation, as rooms do not need to go out of service during installation. Savesor typically saves hoteliers an average of up to 40% in energy costs.
Savesor is known to increase guest satisfaction, which is positively reflected in online guest reviews. According to a US Environmental Protection Agency calculation, installing one Savesor Room Kit is equal to planting 535 trees.

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