Guangzhou Letour Life Technology Co.,Ltd. KNX

Thinka is the brain to your smart home KNX system. Thinka adds visualisation and voice control with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home to Guangzhou Letour Life Technology Co.,Ltd. KNX products.

Thinka works with Guangzhou Letour Life Technology Co.,Ltd.

Guangzhou Letour Life Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Panyu Energy Saving Technology Park, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China The core of its technical team is from the technical elite of Fortune 500 companies such as Huawei and Panasonic. The company is a focus on smart electrician, smart home, intelligent life products business.The company focus on KNX wireless embedded small modules (switches, dimming, curtains), intelligent gateways, intelligent configuration software, voice panel and other product development. The company is committed to providing customers with products such as smart electrician (intelligent switch, smart socket, intelligent light control), intelligent control distribution box, intelligent home, intelligent audio and video, smart hotel, intelligent office, wisdom breeding, intelligent agriculture and other products and industry solution。

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