BPT S.p.A. a Socio Unico KNX

Thinka is the brain to your smart home KNX system. Thinka adds visualisation and voice control with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home to BPT S.p.A. a Socio Unico KNX products.

Thinka works with BPT S.p.A. a Socio Unico

BPT is a privileged partner capable of offering a full range of systems and cutting-edge technical products which are compatible with automation and video entry systems, access control, heating control, security and LED lighting. The development of advanced home technology systems requires the latter to be increasingly flexible and simple. BPT looks to the future with the view to anticipate technological evolutions for the big challenge of the ‘intelligent environment’. System integration, digital technology and energy saving are the developing focus for the achievements and growth of BPT. The conquest of new spaces: BPT’s technology is venturing outside the confines of home and single building into wider-ranging areas like residential centres, villages and urban areas.

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